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When there's a baby in the family your home must run like clockwork. Emide Babycare products make this easy. The baby food and bottle warmer keeps your baby's food at a constant temperature and is child's play to operate. The temperature regulator has extra large symbols. To help you remove the warmed jars, the integral lifters make it easy.

The sterilisers only use steam and require no chemicals. For the perfect hygiene,
the heating elements are made from stainless steel.

Emide Babycare.. for a concented baby.

DG 570 Steriliser with Dry function
DG 571 Steriliser with Dry function
DG 572 Steriliser
DG 573 Streiliser
DG 575 Streiliser and Steamer
FW 520 Baby-food and bottle-warmer
FW 530 Baby-food and bottle-warmer
FW 530/31 Baby food and Wide-Nack bottle warmer
FW 535 Baby-combi-bottle-warmer and streiliser unit
HF 590 Ultrasonic-Humidifier
TS 630 Detachable Pacifier-Thermometer
QS 660 EMIDE Quartz-Bathroom-Heate
WT 680 Warming dish
BZ 100 Car Seat Junior´s Line
BZ 180 Car Seat Junior´s Line
AZ 150 Car Seat Junior´s Line